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Twitter Reacts To The NBA Fining LeBron James For Crotch Celebration

Source: Andy Lyons / Getty

The NBA has once again pinched LeBron James bank account. 

After losing roughly $284,000 in pay after being suspended for elbowing Detroit Pistons Isaiah Stewart in the face, LeBron James was slapped with a $15K by the NBA on Friday (Nov.26) fine for a very ballsy celebration. The incident in question took place during the Lakers matchup with the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night (Nov.24).

After knocking down an impressive 3-pointer, James took a page out of former NBA hooper Sam Cassell’s book by recreating the iconic “big balls” dance. According to TMZ Sports, James decided that was the best way to celebrate in retaliation to two Pacers fans that grabbed their crotch, and James would later have ejected from the game.

Speaking on the gesture, James said after the game, “When obscene gestures and language come into it, can’t be tolerated. There’s a difference between cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win, and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn’t say to me.”

The Lakers defeated the Pacers in overtime 124 to 116. But the month of November has been uncharacteristically rough for James in terms of dealing with the league. James is well-known for his squeaky clean image and rarely gets in trouble with the NBA. To see it happen twice in a month is unusual.

As expected, social media chimed in and agreed that the fines are nothing but straight pocket change for James, who has earned over $1 billion in his lifetime.

Lol, we would have to agree. In the gallery below, you can peep more reactions to LeBron James catching a $15K fine from the NBA.

Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty




Word, we have no idea if he will be able to afford this one.