Lonzo Ball Says Future Has More Classic Albums Than Nas

Source: Cassy Athena / Getty

New Orleans Pelicans’ starting point guard Lonzo Ball feelings towards Nas’ music is well known. The NBA baller/rapper and the Queensbridge MC allegedly had “beef” after Lonzo said, “don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore.” He also added that Atlanta acts Migos and Future were “real Hip-Hop.” To further add insult to injury during a visit to the Garden, the eldest Ball rocked a hoodie with his face photoshopped onto Nas’ classic Illmatic album. During a recent interview with Big Boy, Lonzo doubled-down on his love for Future and went as far as to say that “March Madness” crafter has more classic albums than Esco.

When the radio host brings up the Nas moment, Lonzo decides he wants to really discuss the matter. He asks “how many classic projects does he [Nas] has seriously? People be saying he’s top five so.” Big Boy clearly offended responds to Ball “to even ask that question is disrespectful.” They went on to start naming albums with Big Boy bringing up Nas’ debut LP and Ball saying Nayvadius dropped “nine projects in a row that hit.”

As you can imagine Ball’s comments opened up a can of worms on Twitter with some actually agreeing with him while others vehemently disagreeing. This latest news follows Ball allegedly taking a shot at his former squad the Los Angeles Lakers on his latest song “Last Days” off his new mixtape 50&30. When asked about the trade involving him, Lonzo revealed that he learned about the team’s decision to move him on the social media platform.

Welp that sucks, and also that’s the business of the sport. Anyway, hit the gallery below to see the reactions to Lonzo’s hot take below.

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