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Netflix’s #blackAF aired today and it’s already got the people talking. Netflix’s #blackAF had people talking when it aired back in 2020. 

Starring black-ish creator Kenya Barris, the comedy series follows his family as they “navigate relationships, race and culture while grappling with their newfound success.” Rashida Jones plays his wife (as well as Tracee Ellis Ross’ little sister in black-ish) and there’s been some chatter about her role thus far.

Apparently, folks don’t think she’s Black enough and many didn’t know she was Black at all — yep, you read that right.

“The irony of people complaining that Rashida Jones isn’t Black enough is that they’re also suggesting there’s a certain way that Black women are ‘supposed’ to act,” one user tweeted. Another wrote, “My favorite quote from Rashida Jones occurred when she was on the red carpet one time at the Emmys and the interviewer lady said, ‘Wow! You’re so tan!’ and Rashida said ‘You should see my dad!’ And some called out petty folks for doing too much… “So n*ggas are mad that Rashida Jones, a mixed woman, is playing a character based on a mixed woman?”

If you’re amongst the few who don’t know anything about Rashida Jones — yes, she’s Quincy Jones’ daughter, yes she’s half-Black, and yes she is also Kidada Jones little sister…

Now that all that’s cleared up, it’s time to celebrate just how beautiful this Black woman is.

1. Not a care in the world.

2. All BLACK everything.

3. Wow, so tan…

4. Red carpet baddie in the building.

5. Isn’t she just beautiful?

6. Red lips got our attention.

7. Serious and sexy.

8. Grateful for you, Rashida.

9. Lord, the elegance.

10. We love you Rashida!