YBN Nahmir and his girlfriend Sahlt recently celebrated their two year anniversary and now the Instagram model and entrepreneur is celebrating her birthday. Leveraging her popularity on social media, she’s been able to secure her own lash line with IGXO cosmetics, in addition to partnering with brands like Fashion Nova as well as starting her own clothing line.

“Alycia Tyre, also known on Instagram as Sahlt_ had a long time vision of creating her own clothing brand. She has always stayed true to herself and has envisioned creating her own clothing brand for so long, hence ‘SAHLT’ was born. She has created this brand 100% on her own and hopes to continue to expand beyond her vision. There is so much more in store and she is excited to share this journey with all of you,” the ‘About’ section reads on her site.

Below are just a few of the photos that have earned her almost 40K followers on Instagram. We’re wishing the beauty a happy birthday!

1. Chillin’ in bed.

2. Bubble bath bae.

3. Catching some sun.

4. By the pool.

5. Whole ‘lot of azz.

6. Tatted up.

7. Entrepreneurial bae.

8. The perfect angle.

9. So beautiful.

10. Booty cheeks.

11. Happy Birthday, Sahlt!

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