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Well, now we know Marcus Stokes definitely won’t be a Florida Gator next year.

Stokes is one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the country, but his list of schools he could attend is a bit shorter today after a video surfaced of him saying the n-word.

The video is from just last week, where the Nease High School athlete could be seen yelling, “Welcome back, n-gga.”

The offensive video caused the University of Florida to rescind the offer they made for him to attend their school back in July when he committed.

Stokes has already taken to Twitter to express regret for saying the word, which was a part of the lyrics of a song he was listening to.

“I was in my car listening to rap music, rapping along to the words, and posted a video of it on social media,” Stokes explained on his Twitter page on Sunday. “I deeply apologize for the words in the song that I chose to say. It was hurtful and offensive to many people, and I regret that.”

He added that he’s aware Florida will no longer be welcoming him on campus this Fall and respects the choice.

“I fully accept the consequences for my actions, and I respect the University of Florida’s decision to withdraw my scholarship offer to play football.”

Stokes hopes to make amends for his mistake and improve his character.

“My intention was never to hurt anybody and I recognize that even when going along with a song, my words still carry a lot of weight,” he said. “I will strive to be better and to become the best version of myself both on and off the field. I know that learning from my mistakes is a first important step.”

The high schooler also received offers from Penn State, Pittsburgh, and Virginia State, but it is unknown if those offers are still available after he said the n-word.

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