Maybe she’s a little biased but 'Batgirl' star Leslie Grace says that the film she saw was “incredible.”

Chef JJ Johnson is a busy man. Between working at his restaurant “The Henry by JJ,” overseeing the opening of his new spot in Harlem, keeping up with his loving wife and twin babies, it’s a wonder that the man has any time to breathe. But lo and behold, the celebrity chef has added a […]

The 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' new addition is so much more than you've seen thus far.

The closer we come to recognizing the reality of our roots, the more accepting we'll be.

"It's a constant struggle within the Latino community to be seen."

"I knew they were going to disrespect me, but I never imagined the level [of disrespect]."

"Everyone’s culture is just so much more than just one big stroke [of Blackness]."