A Texas jury found an ex-cop guilty of murdering Black teen Jordan Edwards.

The cast and crew of the Netflix series is reclaiming Edwards' legacy with a scholarship fund.

According to GLAAD, at least ten transgender women of color have been killed in 2017.

The Nigerian government announced Sunday that 82 of the girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants three years ago have been freed.

Despite a decline in the amount of media coverage of police violence in recent months (but not a decline in the actual violence, be clear), the killing of Jordan Edwards is getting quite a bit of media attention.

Big Facts The two white Baton Rouge police officers responsible for the shooting and killing of Alton Sterling will not face federal charges. Neither Sterling’s family nor Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome had been informed of the decision before the news was reported by The Washington Post. “No one in my office or the governor’s office […]

American University's public safety team is investigating after bananas marked with “AKA” were found hanging in the shapes of nooses throughout campus.