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Like some of the greatest rivalries in sports, rap beefs tend to date back to years of seemingly small and irrelevant differences that create large duels that live in the memories of those who witnessed them forever. Those small differences often evolve into folklore, like stories about how the sides had these large legendary battles, and ultimately, neither side can tolerate or even fix their mouths to say anything remotely close to positive about the other.

50 Cent vs. Ja Rule is one of those legendary rap beefs. Though it likely won’t end dangerously, it has become obvious the two will never squash their beef. Recently, Ja Rule found himself in a position to end the beef publicly while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, but he opted to keep it going instead.

Ja was explaining to host Cohen that he was removing himself from the circus, noting that if you interact with clowns, you’ll be presumed as a part of the circus. Cohen took this opportunity to put his new mindset to the test, and instructed him to say three nice thing about 50. Ja’s next answer goes to show that some rivalries live on forever.

“He’s a bad father, he got a big square box [head]. And one more thing. What else? He looks like his breath stinks,” Ja said . “We’re sworn enemies forever!!!!”


Forever is a long time, but if the beef lasting for the last 20 years is any indication, forever is going to be the remainder of both of these guys’ lives.

Expect a response from 50 Cent soon.