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NBA players have been stuck isolating for months on end.

Once the bizarre 2019-2020 NBA Bubble season ends, it’s time to get the next one started— and that begins with the draft. While the draft usually takes place towards the end of June, the league was delayed for several months, so it’s been rescheduled to November 18. This wacky, weird year for the NBA continues as […]

Shaun Livingston was a key member of the Golden State Warriors‘ three championship teams. He served as the backup point guard, helping Steph Curry while not sacrificing too much playmaking for the other guys on the court. According to Marcus Thompson II, the Warriors have decided to call on Livingston for his services yet again, […]

50 Cent and Jay Manzini, a famous entrepreneur, walked into a Burger King located on the Southside of Queens, New York, and dropped CASH on some of the employees. Reportedly, more than $30,000 in cash was given to the employees of the fast-food restaurant. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy, as there are […]