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Previously on Power, Tasha, Ghost, and Tommy learned when it comes to Riq, he is more like his father than he would like to admit. Saxe’s extracurricular activities on his never-ending quest to get Ghost earned him a well-deserved suspension from Warner. Keisha got scared out the game by Tommy’s former goons 2-Bit and Spank, so Tommy took her and Cash to the burbs. Despite Ghost and Tommy’s best efforts to show Riq that drug game isn’t for him, Tasha decides the best way to reach him is to make him Ghost 2.0. Dre somehow once again escapes the clutches of death and kills a Power OG, Black Grimace. This week’s episode has all of the Power players making deals and backstabbing each other in the process.

Dre Presses Saxe Unsucessfuly, Ghost Won’t Help Him

No one in the history of television has been luckier than Dre. This guy finds himself in the most absurd situations and still manages to find a way out of them. The episode opens up with Dre popping up on a rather dingy looking Saxe who is currently on suspension from his job. Dre wants the ankle monitor. Saxe put on him taken off immediately, and Saxe agrees to do so if he has any information on Ghost or Tommy. Dre is not willing to make any more trades, so Saxe shuts down his very forceful request and keeps it moving.

Dre calls Ghost after his unsuccessful encounter with Saxe. James asks him about his whereabouts and why Tommy showed up to the meeting with Jason and not him? Dre reveals that Tommy’s goons scooped him up and that Saxe put an ankle monitor on him. In order not to compromise Jason, he decided not to show up with the monitoring device on him. He suggests that they take out Saxe, but Ghost was like nah. The aspiring businessman tells him to stay away from him as long he is “chipped up,” the deal is off and issues a stern warning to Dre telling him, “I’m not playing with you, boy.”

Oh, woe is Dre, what is he to do now?

Tate Has A Hot Mic Moment, Ramona Hints At Ghost’s Political Ambitions

Tate saw his adventures in the bedroom with Derek’s wife, Cassandra land him in some serious trouble. With help from his fixer Ramona and Ghost, he managed to salvage the situation. But that would turn out to be the least of his problems. Tate has always come dangerously close to trying Jame’s self- restraint, not knowing just how conniving and dastardly the former drug dealer is. Well, he finally learned the hard way in this episode.

While prepping for a debate with his opponent Tate, Ramona hints at the idea of James running on his ticket, but Tate quickly shuts that idea down, claiming the white folks upstate wouldn’t care to see two Black men running together. He happens to overhear his white opponent, considering bringing on someone of color to battle the complaints of zero people of color working in Albany. Right on cue, Ghost walks in with Derek much to the dismay of Tate. The councilman wants to know why Derek is there, and Ghost tells him only to help him handle questions about the Queens Child Project.

Derek walks off after Tate insults him and heads over to the sound guy and hands him some money. After the bribe, Tate’s mic magically comes on, and the crowd hears him berating Ghost, his opponent, and voters. Ramona and Tate catch on about the cringe-worthy moment while Ghost shows his approval for the moment by flashing a sinister smirk.

Ramona and Tate quickly regroup and put their heads together and try to figure out how they are going to fix this mess. They both agree to appease Tate’s constituents; the best idea will be for a photo op with Ghost and recommitment to the local neighborhoods. Ramona sends a text to James telling him to stop by the office immediately, but he is busy handling some Ghost business that we will touch on later. When he finally shows up, it’s apparently too late, and it would appear Tate’s quest for the governorship of NYC is crashing and burning because of his hot mic situation.

As retaliation for Ghost not showing up when he needed him, Tate says the Queens Child Project is dead and basically tells Ghost to kick rocks. Little does he know that Ramona is working behind his back to help Ghost’s political career takeoff with him landing on his opponent’s ticket as a possible lieutenant governor.

You hate to see it, but Tate, you don’t mess with James St. Patrick and don’t go unscathed.

Riq Finds A New Primera At His School

Sighs, we really don’t care for this character development when it comes to “Ghost 2.0,” aka Riq. Last week Tasha made the clueless decision that instead of trying to keep her son out of the drug game, she will teach him how to be a better dope pusher. Riq wastes no time at his new school and quickly learns that he may have a potential “Primera” in one of his teachers.

After class, his teacher, who was impressed with his answer for one of his questions, pressed him about knowledge on another subject, drugs. He asks Riq if he is holding and even searches his bookbag for some contraband. Riq decides to do some snooping and utilizes the old credit card trick his former mentor Kanan taught him. While going through the teacher’s desk, he discovers the educator is struggling to pay his bills and plus his family was involved in a vast Ponzi scheme. Riq heads home to tell his mom, aka his new tutor, on the drug game about new revelation, and she is intrigued.

Riq leaves his teacher a pleasant surprise in his trunk along with a cellphone with some instructions. The teacher has a pretty good idea of where the drugs came from, but Riq plays dumb when he is pressed about it. It looks like Riq is back in business.

Blanca Is On The Case, Saxe Gets Fired

We cannot stand Blanca, but we get a healthy dose of the detective this episode. Last week, Warner enlisted her to help keep an eye on Saxe, and she delivered giving Warner all the information he needed to suspend Saxe’s annoying ass. Saxe is currently still working on all of the angles he has. The suspended District Attorney even pays a visit to Tamieka, who was fired by Warner earlier in the season. He is seeking advice and help from his former boss. Saxe even stops by Riq’s new school and interrogates the young St.Patrick but gets nothing out of him. He also stopped by Keisha’s new home to try to convince her to flip on Tommy but was very unsuccessful. Now keep all these moves in your mind cause they will come back to haunt him.

His final move was to stop at Blanca’s house to present what he has found out while doing his unauthorized investigative work. We learn that Blanca is married… to a woman, much to the delight of Saxe, his love for lesbian couples will be touched on in a few.  Blanca really doesn’t care to see Saxe and gives him five minutes to make his case to her as to why she should even entertain him. He reveals that Keisha’s name is on the deed for the house along with Tommy, which makes her either an accomplice at the very least complicit.

Blanca reveals the Keisha was a witness in her case to find Raymond Jone’s killer, and she invites Saxe inside to show him something very interesting. Blanca shows the surveillance photo of Riq picking up Kanan’s ashes, adding more intrigue to the growing case against the St.Patricks. Blanca agrees to work with Saxe again cause she wants to see the “bad guys” in jail. As a token of their new partnership, he gives her the serial number for Dre’s tracking device so she can find him.

Blanca wastes no time either and immediately locates Dre and questions him. She discovers from Dre that Kanan was DC in the night Ray Ray was killed, debunking Tasha’s alibi that Kanan was at the penthouse that night. Dre also drops the bombshell that he gave Riq the information where he can find Raina’s killer. Of course, this information doesn’t come cheap, Dre wants Blanca to help him get back at Saxe for what he did to his daughter and get the ankle monitor removed. She agrees to both conditions before leaving.

Next on Blanca’s list is Keisha. Accompanied by a Child Protection Service’s agent, Blanca pulls over Keisha and Cash after she picked her son up from school. Threatening to throw her son into the system, Keisha is forced into signing a cooperation deal with Blanca to prevent that from happening. With Keisha now flipped, she promises to put her and Cash in witness protection. Blanca then stops by Truth to put some pressure on Ghost but doesn’t really get anything out of him, but he’s a pro and doesn’t buckle under the influence. James does learn some interesting tidbits, which he will speak to Tasha about later. Blanca notices the glass he left on the bar, and she takes it to get it tested and discovers a 50% DNA match linking Riq to Ray Ray’s murder.

While Blanca is out working, Saxe is at home watching lesbian porn trying to rub one out and is rudely interrupted by Ghost and Tommy. They want to teach him a lesson for bothering their loved ones and physically intimidate him. They tie him to a chair, and Tommy admits right to his face that he killed Angela, and there is nothing he can do about it. They throw a plastic bag over his head and are going to let him suffocate until Ghost plucks a hole in the Ziploc bag.

He also stops Tommy from putting a bullet in his head points out to his former best friend he owes him still for Angela. Ghost gets Saxe to agree to not tell anyone he was there and to tell him all the information the Feds have on Riq ASAP.

We hop back to Blanca. She has one more stop to make on her investigation world tour, Tasha’s house. She reveals that she is looking into Riq’s alibi and points out she found a blood drop at Ray Ray’s flop that they believe belongs to Riq. Blanca also drops the bombshell that they now have a witness who says, Kanan nor Riq were at the penthouse like Tasha told her. Tasha knows she is in trouble.

Blanca takes all of her new findings back to Warner and tells him about how Saxe pressured Dre into giving him information. Like she promised, she has Dre’s ankle monitor removed and makes him sign an agreement. Saxe, who is bruised up from his encounter with Ghost and Tommy, shows up to the office. He tells his boss what happened to him and that Tommy admitted to killing Angela, but Warner finds it hard to believe. He still fires Saxe anyway, we couldn’t be happier to see someone lose their job.

Keisha Is Not About The Life

Keisha made it quite clear last week after she was attacked at her salon, she is not about life. Tommy decides to put her in Holly’s pedophile Uncle’s home as his way to show her he’s deeply committed to her and Cash. While she is unpacking, she gets a visit from Tommy’s mom Kate who just decides that she is gonna get a room and everything.

Kate manages to scare Keisha by telling her she is going to end up just like Holly once Keisha messes up. Keisha claps back at Kate and kicks her out of her house. She quickly learns that Kate was probably telling the truth after Tommy presses her about keeping the fact that Blanca and Child Services rolled up on her and Cash. After an intense argument, Keisha manages to convince Tommy she only did it because she was scared she would end up dead like Holly.

It was that encounter that convinces Keisha to go into witness protection and leave Tommy, but she’s gonna be stopped in her tracks.

Tasha Does Us All A Favor

Ghost calls Tasha to tell her even more bad news about his son and her former best friend, Keisha. He breaks down to his estranged wife that Riq went and picked up Kanan’s ashes under the name Eric Stark. He also informs Tasha that Keisha was pressed by the feds, and her talking could possibly lead to Riq being thrown in jail. Tasha, of course, can’t fathom the idea of her boy in prison, hence why it’s absolutely ridiculous she is teaching him how to sell drugs. Since Keisha is scared to talk to him, Ghost tells Tasha that she needs to have a face-to-face conversation with her ex-bestie.

Tasha finally arrives at Keisha’s house and catches her while she is frantically packing, preparing to go into witness protection. Keisha tries her best to convince Tasha that she will not snitch and that she only did what she did to protect her son. Plus, Keisha doesn’t want to end up like Holly did. Tasha grabs her car keys and tells her she cannot allow her to leave the house and that they will wait for Tommy to come back. Tasha catches Keisha glancing at her bag where she put the gun Tommy gave her and the two race to grab the weapon.

A struggle ensues, and while this is all going on, Tommy and Cash are at the mall ring shopping. Looks like Tommy is dead set on making Keisha his boo forever and has the approval of her son. Back at the house, the struggle for gun continues, which ends with Keisha getting shot during the fight. While on the floor, Keisha begs for her life, but Tasha is looking out for herself, Riq, Ghost, and Tommy and shoots Keisha in the head. Tasha grabs the papers Keisha signed and runs out of the house, we are confused as to why she did all of this not wearing any gloves.

Anyway, Tommy and Cash show up, and before they walk inside the house with the intention of surprising Keisha with the proposal, Tommy realizes something is up and tells Cash to wait in the car. Tommy goes inside to find his dead girlfriend’s body lying in a pool of her own blood.

He drops the ring and gets on his knees, clearly angry at the site of Keisha’s corpse. Unhinged Tommy Egan is back, and he’s gonna be looking for revenge next week’s penultimate episode!

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