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Previously on Power, Riq learned the hard way that moving drugs, and hoodwink and bamboozling gangsters only lead to you getting beat up with oranges. His family moved enough product to supply an entire borough with narcotics in record time to get the ransom money Riq’s kidnapper, Vincent, requested. We learned Riq planned his own kidnapping along with Vincent to extort his own family in hopes of getting a cut. The ambitious yet terrible young drug deal learned quickly that Vincent was planning to play him and kill him and his family. Luckily for Riq, his dad and mom are very street-savvy and managed to save him. BUT in the process, Ghost and Tasha learn just how devious their kid is and that he helped Tommy kill our guy, Proctor.

Ghost Uses Some Extreme Parenting To Set Riq Straight

This week’s episode titled Like Father, Like Son”  opens up immediately with Riq getting the tough love he deserved from his dad. Fresh off from his epiphany last week, Ghost wakes his badass son up the gangsta way. Ghost presses his firstborn son by putting a gun (unloaded) in his face to get information from him. The elder St.Patrick breaks down to his son how he would play off his son’s murder as a suicide scares Riq enough for him to admit that he stole drugs from Tommy’s warehouse. Ghost also points out that now he can no longer trust Riq and that he letting Tommy in the house to “kill him” (Tommy was there for Proctor), and that makes Riq his enemy now. Before he steps away, Ghost warns Riq not to ever think he was smarter than him and not to make that mistake again.

They head to the penthouse, which has been destroyed by Tommy and his attempt at playing live-action Call of Duty. There are literally bullet holes everywhere, and Ghost is absolutely disgusted. He is even more shocked to learn his conniving son hid his drugs and money in his dead twin sister’s room. Riq explains that he only hid it in there because he knew Ghost wouldn’t bother to search in there and that Raina had a hiding spot to keep things hidden from her parents. Ghost thinks otherwise, but we all know he isn’t the most exceptional damn parent in the world, and he really didn’t know what the hell was going on. Anyway, he takes all of Riq’s money, and much to the dismay of his son and tells him, “dope boys get robbed all the time n*gga.” Excuse us while we chuckle at that line. After relieving his son of his “hard-earned” money, he insists that Riq gives him his word to never mess with Tommy again and that he owns him now. If he does catch him talking to Tommy, he will tell his former partner, now enemy that Riq stole his product, and he will have to deal with both Tommy and him. Can we just add how hilarious this whole opening scene with Ghost and Riq was? It wasn’t supposed to be funny at all, but it was so cathartic watching Riq get schooled.

Speaking of Tommy, he’s trying to his best to explain to Holly 2.0 AKA Keisha about his undying love to a fault might we add for his nephew Riq. He blames Ghost and Kanan for Riq’s newfound attitude, and that Riq is his family. Keisha is not trying to hear it and asks what about her and the son we finally physically saw fro the first time Cash. Tommy assures his “ride-or-die” lover that he will take care of both of them, but his feelings for Riq will not change. Before he leaves, he gives her a gun and tells her to go take inventory of the product.

Back at Tasha’s crib, Ghost’s new approach to raising his son is not sitting well with Tasha. She is not feeling Ghost pulling a gun on their son even if it was unloaded. She thinks instead of teaching a Riq a lesson, all it did was increase the boy’s hate towards his father. Ghost, on the other hand, believes it is okay that and thinks his method will put the knucklehead back on the right path, and Riq will learn to love him again. James just wants Riq to have a good life, go to school, get an education, and don’t travel down the same path he did. Boy, he has no idea. The two parents also don’t know how to use their inside voices because Riq was listening. They exit the room only to learn he has taken off to do some dumb sh*t.

2-Bit Needs To Keep His Hands To Himself

Tommy’s goon 2-Bit always seem to his boundaries. He, Black Grimace, and Spank finally discover the missing product Riq stole while doing inventory. Right on cue, Keisha walks in as they found out the drugs are missing. Keisha immediately thinks 2-Bit did it and threatens to go tell Tommy. 2-Bit ain’t trying to hear that and grabs Keisha, and that was a big mistake. Keisha storms out after the small incident, but you best believe she is going to tell Tommy now. Fearing the repercussions for 2-Bit’s actions, Spank and Black Grimace are not happy with him cause they know Tommy is going to lose his mind when they find out.

As promised, Keisha runs to Tommy to tell him what went down at the warehouse, and as expected, he is not here for 2-Bit putting his hands on his lady. She also reveals product is missing, but after a conversation with Riq earlier who came over looking for his Uncle, believes it wasn’t 2-Bit who stole it, but Riq. She came to that conclusion after Riq blurted out the location of the warehouse. Tommy doesn’t believe that even though Keisha is breaking it down to him. Tommy has the battery in his back now, he tells Keisha he’s going to have a conversation with 2-Bit and talk to Riq and will show her that Riq will speak the truth, even though we all know he won’t.

First on Tommy’s list is 2-Bit. He is patiently waiting for his crew to show up at the warehouse, and he wastes no time. He tells Spank and Black Grimace to leave so he can have a one-on-one conversation with 2-Bit. They refuse, so he decides not to kill 2-Bit, but he does fire both him and Spank.

Tommy finally links up with Riq on a rooftop to get the bottom of things. He skillfully gets Riq to admit that he stole the drugs from him by coming off very kind and caring. Tommy’s mood quickly turns to anger, and grabs Riq and hangs him off the roof, giving another lesson when it comes to stealing from drug dealers. When its all said and done, Tommy wipes his hands clean of Riq, telling him he’s just like his dad and that he can no longer trust him. You would think that moment, a gun in his face, or getting his stomach demolished with a bag of oranges would scare Riq out of the game, but it doesn’t. He somehow finds Dre and calls in favor cause he desperately needs to sell some drugs. Dre is reluctant at first, but after some manipulation from Riq in the form of threats, Dre hands Riq some drugs and to be on the lookout for more drugs from him.

Meanwhile, unemployed goons 2-Bit and Spank are looking for a way to get back in Tommy’s good graces. They decide it would be a good idea to kill Ghost, nab Dre and bring him to Tommy and scare Keisha in the process to get revenge on her. They managed to fined to knock out Dre and bring him back to the warehouse but have no idea he’s wearing a tracker until they bring him back to the warehouse, and he tells them. Tommy gets a call from Keisha and jets off (we will touch on that). 2-Bit and Spank leave Black Grimace in charge of watching Dre. Somehow, Dre finds a way to loosen up his restraints and grabs Black Grimace’s gun and kills him.

Another Power OG bites the dust, being a gentle giant got BG killed, and somehow Dre manages to escape another situation.

Councilman Tate’s “Magic Stick” Gets Him In Trouble

That secret relationship Tate was having with Derek’s wife has finally bit him in the ass. After Ramona asks Derek, where is the Councilman? He tells her that Tate is at “prayer breakfast,” and she quickly tells him to get Tate back at the office. When she also asks about Cassandra, Derek puts two and two together after noticing his wife is also not at her desk. He runs back to his apartment only to find Cassandra giving up the goods to Tate in his bed. Derek is livid and vows to ruin Tate’s campaign by taking this bombshell information to his opposition.

Ramona, who is on top of her game, pulls Tate to the side tells the Councilman he has to fix this pronto. Tate also tries to shoot his shot at Ramona and get rejected when she tells him she has eyes for someone else, and we all know that who that is. Tate decides to turn to James to make his problems disappear, and Ghost agrees to fix it.

Now Ghost doesn’t do what Tate wanted him to, and that is to kill Derek. Instead, he offers him a better position in the campaign with a nice raise. Ramona thinks that is a great idea much to the dismay of Tate, but he has no choice but to agree to make that go away.

As far as Cassandra, Ramona handles that problem quite quickly. The ambitious campaign worker reveals she wasn’t letting Tate smash her married cakes to smithereens (word to Bossip) to become his wife. She wants her own congressional seat, and Ramona has the perfect place for her. The fixer agrees to give her the Flatbush seat and also gets her to sign an NDA agreement. So now this problem is completely over and done with…for now.

Keisha Is Really Not Built For The Drug Game

Keisha really wants to be down, but at the same time, wants to live a normal life. The gun that Tommy gave her comes in handy quite quickly when she finds herself in a scary situation. while closing down her hair salon, she gets a visitor, and he is not looking for a wash and set. It’s the hitter 2-Bit and Spank hired to scare her out of the drug game. As usual, things go left quickly and not as planned, nothing ever really does on this show. Before Keisha shoots the goon, killing him, he slices her arm and lies, saying that Ghost sent him to take care of her. She has every reason to believe this after Ghost approached her, offering money for her to go away.

In a panic, she calls Tommy, and he shows up, and she is in tears after her ordeal. She wants out the game and insists Tommy get them out of dodge. He agrees, but first, they have to dispose of the dead hitter’s corpse because she used a gun that probably has plenty of bodies on it.

Tommy surprises Keisha with a trip to a house that belonged to his ex, Holly’s pedophile uncle, that he killed. So now Keisha will be haunted by Holly and her dead Uncle’s ghost when they move into their new digs.

Tommy also runs to have a conversation with Ghost cause he is not too happy about recent revelations.

  1. He learned that Ghost was trying to replace him with Dre as Jason’s distro.
  2. He tried to bribe Keisha to make her leave town.

Tommy is through with Ghost, but they have one common problem, and that is Jason. The two agree they have to work together once again to cancel Christmas on Jason. Once he is out of the way, they can focus on trying to kill each other once again.

Saxe Gets Him Suspended

Saxe’s sneaky moves have finally caught up with him. Warner instructs Detective Blanca to do some sniffing around Saxe after some interesting developments pop up. She is reluctant because she only came onboard to investigate the murder of Angela Valdez, but she has no choice because Warner tells her that it was an order, not a suggestion. She visits Proctor’s daughter to have a conversation with her about the night her dad died.

Proctor’s daughter reveals that it was Riq that led her out the back door and took her to cousin Benny’s house. Blanca showed up with gifts, giving Elisa Marie her backpack. She is happy but notices the unicorn (the listening device) her dead mother is missing, and she frantically searches for it. Blanca ears immediately perk up because something is up. She instantly searches Saxe’s office and finds the bug conveniently located in his desk drawer.

Saxe comes back to the office after he meets with Dre and slapping an ankle monitor on him. Warner has the drive with Proctor on it, allowing his ex-wife to die of a drug overdose. Warner has been looking for a reason to fire Saxe’s annoying ass. For now, he will settle for a suspension. He tells Saxe he is on administrative leave pending an investigation, looks like Saxe’s time is running out. Now, if you are a seasoned Power watcher, you know this is the beginning of the end for Saxe. First, they lose their jobs, then they somehow get killed. It’s always the case.

Tasha Enrolls Riq Into The School of Hard Knocks

Riq had himself a day, and he finally returns home. During a conversation with his mother, Tasha has come to the realization that she can’t stop Riq from doing what he wants to do, and that is sell drugs. She admits her son is terrible at it and decides hey if he is going to sell weight, he has to be good at it and better than his dad.

Sighs. Tasha tells Riq that she is going to teach him about the streets, but he has to keep up the front that he is a good student in school. This already sounds like Tasha is just trying to get back at Ghost by using her son, but it’s whatever at this point. Looks like Tasha is like if Ghost is going to blame me for Riq’s behavior anyway, I might as well teach the boy how to properly sell drugs. We are intrigued to see how this plays out going forward.

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