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Irv Gotti recently made it clear he would not go to his daughter’s OB-GYN appointments like T.I. has in the past, but also said he respects the Atlanta rapper’s right to parent how he sees fit. In fact, Irv also admits he pulled a gun out on his own daughter’s boyfriend when first meeting him.

The music exec went on TMZ Live and said…

“I think I can speak for most men and most men — like T.I., myself, and everything who maybe have been with a lot of women, or whatever right? So the last thing we want is to think our daughter is gonna be with guys like us. It’s common to think that. But what I did… not speaking for anyone else but myself… like, I told Angie when we had the talk and her boyfriend came over and I met her boyfriend and you know you go through that, but… I’m a realist. I may get backlash for this, but I told my daughter when we had the talk … sex feels good. But I was like ‘Yo, just make sure it’s respectful. Things may work out, things may not work out. It happens.’ And I told her boyfriend ‘Always be respectful.'”

Unfortunately, his story didn’t end there. “It was funny ’cause I pulled a gun out on him,” Irv continued. “But I was only joking! I was joking!'” he insisted. Watch the clip up top. Irv goes on to say he has a great relationship with Angie’s boyfriend, whom she’s been with for 8 years.