Sunday Service

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Earlier in the week, we learned that the product of Kanye West and Joel Osteen’s new friendship would be a visit from West at his Lakewood Church in Houston. According to TMZ, the holy spectacle will also feature a performance and is expected to draw a massive crowd, and to avoid pandemonium tickets will be given out.

When news first broke of West coming to Osteen’s megachurch, it was initially reported that he would only be attending the AM service. The plan is for Ye to have a 20-30 minute conversation with the pastor about recently giving his life to God. Now the gossip site is confirming that Ye and his 100 plus choir will be performing their “religiously remixed” songs and that Osteen is teaming up with Ticketmaster to dish out 45,000 tickets.

The tickets will be free and first-come, first-serve to the first 45,000 and will only be available for the evening service. However, the 11 am service will not be a ticketed event and will seat the first 45,000 that show up. If the crowd is too big, Osteen’s church does have an overflow room to accommodate those who can’t get in, chances are high they will need it. As for the performance, sources tell TMZ that those who are blessed and highly favored enough to get in will be treated to a show. The Lakewood Church is reportedly equipped with “top-of-the-line sound and lighting equipment.” The only issue might be trying to fit West’s massive choir, which is rumored to be about 120 people on the stage.

No word if the performance will be televised, but TMZ does state it will be broadcast live on SiriusXM. With anything that Kanye West does lately, there is some controversy. Some folks are really not here for MAGA Ye teaming up with Osteen because of the pastor’s questionable behavior during Hurricane Harvey back in 2017. The megachurch pastor was blasted on Twitter for not using his ridiculously massive church to provide shelter to displaced Houstonians (mostly Black folks) from the devastating storm. He eventually did open the doors to the church, but only after his argument for not doing so in the first place was debunked.

We see no lies here.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty