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The summer is about to be smashed to smithereens, as Bossip is sure to bring the heat with their new weekly series, Bossip on WEtv.

The joint venture between one of the leading cable networks for African American viewers and the top African-American gossip outlet makes its debut on Thursday, July 6th at 10pm EST. For the next six weeks, viewers will get the latest breaking celeb news straight from Bossip’s homebase in Atlanta. If that’s not reason enough to tune in, here’s a bit more motivation:

1) We’re getting Black folks talking about Black celebs on a program produced by Black folks.

Has this ever happened before? Serious question.

2) Bossip’s humor is LEGENDARY.

From the hilarious headlines to the reader responses, you’ll never visit Bossip without getting a laugh or three. The site has been around for 11 years and in that time, I’ve never read a story there without spending some quality time in their comments section. If the show is even half as funny, it’s sure to be a hit.

3) Exclusives, Exclusives, Exclusives

Listen, if anyone can land a juicy story, it’s Bossip and we know for a fact that certain celebs will be going out of their way to spill a little tea to editors at the site they love to hate and hate to love. We’ll be waiting, popcorn and brown liquor on deck.