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Several pairs of socks hang outside to dry on a clothes line, Faeroe Islands, Europe.

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Masturbation can be just as satisfying as getting it in with a partner…and just as boring. That’s why it’s important to get creative, at least sometimes.

For most dudes, socks are the jerk off go-to for one simple reason: easy access. But it’s time to stop only looking down at your laundry bin when in need of a household item that can help you rub one out neatly, and with ease. All that is required is an open mind and willingness. Experimenting during your masturbation time shouldn’t be just about efficiency; it’s time to really think outside of the, ahem, box and start having fun. If you’re up for playing with yourself in non-conventional ways, consider using these items that may be sitting around your house.


1 Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves provide a slick glide when lubricated and some have textured surfaces on the palm side that provide additional friction that will give new sensations. Make sure to apply ample coconut oil, lotion or your favorite water based lube to the palm of our gloved hand before you start stroking—or risk major chaffing. Another bonus? Only you’ll know why you get excited when it’s time to clean the house.


2 Soap

Created to be slippery when wet, this cleaning solution can also serve as a slick lubricant that will give you an amazing glide. It’s best to use soap in the shower—or tub— to make sure there’s a lot of moisture. Get a good lather going  and slowly stroke yourself with the suds until you’ve reached your desired level of stimulation. Using soap created with essential oils like clove or cinnamon can assist in proper blood flow to your penis (which means stronger erections). Here’s another tip: buy a special scented soap of your “me time” (pick an aroma that reminds you of someone, or a thing, that gets it up).

3 Sandwich Bags

These plastic baggies can be used for more than storage.  Place your desired lube into the bag, zip it closed and rub the lubricant throughout its insides. Once the internal surface is coated, open the bag, place your penis inside, wrap it around your shaft and stroke. The bag can also act as a collection device to catch your cum when you pop. Best of all, clean up is made easy by zipping the bag back up and disposing of it.


4 Terry Cloth

Terry cloth is soft and exponentially more plush than the average cotton sock. The lush texture feels awesome when wet, so you can also include a little diversity to your playtime by saturating the cloth in warm water, adding a lots of lube and handling your business. Cut up an old item made of the material (think beach towel or robe), rub one out and use another part of its surface to clean yourself after you’re done.


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