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Tee Grizzley Visits Tech HS (Indy)

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Back in August, Tee Grizzley was targeted in a car shooting that sadly left his aunt Jobina “JB” Brown, dead.

Now, just a few months removed from the horrific event, Grizzley has decided to speak out on his aunt’s — who doubled as his manager– death.

In a conversation with Bigg Dog Blasts on Detriot’s 97.9 Grizzley revealed that he was visiting his cousin’s house after a studio session. His aunt refused to leave the car in fear that the home may be dirty.

“I’m begging her to come in the house,” he remembers. “… So I’m telling her to come in the house, but she like ‘No.’ JB was kind of funny acting about dirty houses and stuff like that. The house wasn’t even dirty, but to her, she’s just a real, real clean person.”

After realizing he wasn’t going to convince his aunt to leave the car, he gave up and walked to the side door of the house and began to knock. He then reveals that it took a while for someone to answer, but as soon as the door opened he heard gunshots behind him.

Once his cousin came running out with a gun, they approached the car and saw that his driver and aunt were nowhere to be found. However, he wasn’t too worried because nothing looked out of place and there wasn’t even shattered glass around.

His driver would soon tell him that someone tried to get in the passenger’s seat which led to his aunt getting shot eight times, and called him while she was en-route to the hospital.

“I was tryin’ to talk to her [but] I ain’t hear what she was saying. She couldn’t really form… words,” he said. “But n***as were coming for me because they opened my door.”

Sadly, JB would die at the hospital, and Grizzley’s family says its his fault.

“They feel like it should’ve been me. And it should’ve been because it was for me,” he explained.

Listen to the rest of Tee Grizzley’s interview above.