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Derek Jeter takes his final bow at the All Star Game at Target Field July 15, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN. ] Jerry Holt

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

Derek Jeter and Larry Walker have been voted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday January 21st. Derek Jeter broke Ken Griffey Jr.’s record for most votes to get in with a jaw-dropping 99.7 percent of voters agreeing he should get in, he received 396 of a possible 397 votes. Shame on that one guy who didn’t think Jeter should be in the Hall of Fame– that’s the definition of a hater right there.

Larry Walker received 76.6 percent of the vote, just barely clearing the 75 percent marker necessary to be inducted into the HOF.

Jeter was virtually a guaranteed lock as a first-ballot HOF. 14-time All-Star, 5x World Series Champion, 5x Gold Glove Winner, 5x Silver Slugger, 2000 World Series MVP and an All-Star Game MVP was more than enough to secure his spot on the first ballot.

Larry Walker was on his last and final year of eligibility. His resume is not nearly as superb as Jeter’s nonetheless he also had a league MVP trophy and three batting titles.

Curt Schilling was believed to be close to getting in and he finished just 20 votes shy, he’s almost certain to get in next year.

But the more interesting people seem to be Barry Bonds and Roger Clements. Both have incredible resumes on the field. However, it is their off the field persona, namely their ties to steroids, that are likely keeping them out at this point. Both hardly gained any votes from the 2019 vote. You need 298 votes to achieve the 75% threshold to get in, both Bonds and Clemens are 57 and 56 votes short, respectively.