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Post Malone Stars In Two New Bud Light Seltzer Super Bowl Commercials

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and you know what that means… big game spots are coming. To introduce its latest product to the world, Bud Light Selzer, Bud Light is enlisting the consumer, to help choose which commercial starring musician Post Malone will air during the big game.

If you didn’t know Post Malone is Bud Light’s #1 fan so it makes perfect sense the company would use the “Congratulations” crafter to promote its latest product. In the two funny ads, one named #PostyStore and the other #PostyBar. In the commercials, we are literally taken into the mind of Malone as he and his taste buds experience the taste Bud Light Seltzer for the first time.

To help choose which commercial to air, the company is asking fans to head to Bud Light’s social channels and share their input that will ultimately aid in Bud Light’s final decision.

In the first spot #PostyBar, we find Posty inside a convenience store, and he is met with a serious predicament. Looking to re-up on some Bud Light, he encounters Bud Light Seltzer, and his mind tries to process which beverage he should buy. The dilemma sparks massive confusion in Malone’s head and pandemonium in the store with the musician ultimately coming to the realization he’s rich and can purchase both products… duuuuh.

In the second spot #PostyBar, Malone is at the bar where he discovers and tries Bud Light Seltzer’s mango flavor for the first time. After he takes a sip, his body’s senses hilarious try to determine what it smells and tastes like, ultimately coming to the determination that it takes like mango getting the seal of approval from his taste buds.

The idea is pretty brilliant if you think about it, speaking on the two ads,  VP of Marketing for Bud Light, Andy Goeler said in a statement:

“We are so fortunate to have two great Super Bowl spots this year, but only have room for one. We love this year’s Super Bowl campaign because not only does it feature our brand’s biggest fan, Post Malone, but we’re also giving people a chance to help us choose which spot to air. Bud Light Seltzer offers another easy-drinking option that aligns with what our fans know, love, and expect from Bud Light. We’re thrilled with the consumer response on the product so far and are excited to bring it to the Super Bowl stage with Post. The situation that plays out in Post’s head is one that many consumers might have too, but don’t worry, just like Post, you can get both Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer too.” 

If we had to choose, we’re gonna go with #PostyBar. The 60-second ad that is chosen will air during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl LIV that will see the San Francisco 49ers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Photo: Jason Kempin / Gett