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Michael Harris

Source: Franklin County Jail / Franklin County Jail

In a video that is currently making its way around the internet, college football player Michael Harris is reportedly seen in an altercation with several police officers. It appears that while talking to police, in what looks like a heated and physical conversation, Harris attempts to get back into his car. At that point, the officers attempt to stop him and one officer is seen throwing several punches to Harris’ head. Harris then body slams the officer.

From the NY Post:

“Michael Harris, a redshirt sophomore at Eastern Kentucky who transferred from Auburn, was arrested Monday after officers were called about a disturbance at a business in Grove City, Ohio, involving an aggressive man, according to multiple reports. WBNS-TV reports police believe Harris was intoxicated and didn’t know his whereabouts.”

According to the site, Harris is facing several charges, including resisting arrest, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and obstructing official business.

“Eventually, cops say they were able to subdue the football player … but instead of taking him directly to jail, they sent him to the hospital to get checked out,” TMZ states, adding Harris was also hit with a felony charge for assault. Harris reportedly “remained aggressive” at the hospital, “so he was sedated by medical personnel before he was eventually hauled off to jail,” TMZ writes.

Watch the FULL video here and chime in.

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