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Blerds everywhere have been geeking out over Donald Glover’s involvement in summer hit Spider-Man: Homecoming. While the former rapper and actor didn’t get as big of a role in the movie as we thought it would have been, his character does have an interesting connection to another person in an alternate Spidey universe.

Glover’s character, Aaron Davis, is a petty thief that is seen throughout the Marvel comic books. He’s known as a a burglar that goes by “the Prowler.” But aside from his criminal activities, he holds a very significant role — uncle to the one and only Miles Morales.

Morales’ character was introduced in 2011 and made headlines as the first Afro-Latinx Spider-Man. In the comics, Davis breaks into Osborn Industries and a radioactive spider sneaks into his bag. The spider eventually crawls out and bites his nephew, making him Spider-Man. In the Homecoming film, Davis mentions he doesn’t want dangerous weapons in the neighborhood because he has a young nephew who lives in the area, hinting that Morales exists in this universe.

We’re not sure if Morales will turn up in the movies to come, as Homecoming is the first in its trilogy. However, we’ll definitely be rooting for him to show up sooner rather than later.