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If you thought contouring was strictly for the face, think again. No body part is off limits, even the luggage downstairs. Yup, penis contouring is here and if you want to have that look of abundance for your package, this might be the right move for you.

A few folks are championing the method, including singer and make-up artist Jeffree Star. In a video with YouTube personality Shane Dawson, Jeffree proudly admits he contours his junk. “I contour my shaft a lot,” said Jeffree. He contours his penis while it’s erect so that when it goes soft, it still looks big to his partner (or partners!). You can watch the video below.

Jeffree didn’t get too specific about the makeup trick. However, if you need the details for your next penis exposure, no worries. You can go over to where make-up artist Hannah Sorcha explains the technique. Who knows, this could be the next big thing!