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BET 106 & Park Presents Charlie Murphy, Bow Wow & Omarion

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There’s no denying the comedic force that was Charlie Murphy. Always ready with a scene-stealing joke or one-liner, he’s deeply missed by the comedy world. Murphy died in April after a battle with leukemia at the age of 57.

To celebrate the funny man on what would have been his birthday, CASSIUS takes a look back at what Murphy did best— shining on the screen and making audiences double over in laughter. Be warned: these clips may have NSFW language.

The REAL Gusto, CB4

While many may know Murphy from The Chappelle Show fame, you can’t forget his memorable roles on the big screen in the early ’90s. A perfect example was his portrayal of the hilarious club owner and local OG Gusto in CB4, where he let the entire world know that he came from three generations of gangsterdom any chance he got.

Vic, Black Jesus

In one of his many supporting roles, Murphy portrayed Vic on Black Jesus, the 2014 sitcom on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. Vic was a Black Jesus non-believer, who made his way back to Compton to serve the people. Murphy often partnered with Lloyd (played by John Witherspoon), a homeless man who’d do anything for a buck, or some macaroni and cheese.

Stinky the Grump, The Chappelle Show

In an underrated role on The Chappelle Show, Charlie Murphy played Stinky the Grump in the show’s segment, “Kneehigh Park,” a children’s show gone horribly wrong.

Brooklyn, The Players Club

Murphy played Brooklyn, a hit man in 1998’s The Players Club, where his main job was collecting Dolla Bill’s debts.

Tyree, Shakes, and Himself, The Chappelle Show

Not much needs to be said here. These are some of the best moments Murphy gave the world.