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As the digital age presses on, chances are you’ve come across a d-ck pic or two and if not, just wait on it. In 2017, guys are the boldest they’ve ever been, so it’s highly plausible that your penis will come soon enough. No pun intended. But does anyone really appreciate the male anatomy the way the world loves naked women? Men don’t care where they are, what they were talking about, or whether they even know the lady—if they’re sent titties, they’re thankful. But, fellas, sending photos of your God-given endowment is an entirely different ball(s) game. Your d-ck pic will not go over well if you aren’t strategic about it. To give you a better consensus on whether or not you should prepare your member for lights, camera, action, CASSIUS took the topic to the people. Here are the points that were raised (anonymously):

IS IT A D-CK I KNOW? “For me, d-ck pics are fine if they are coming from a familiar d-ck. By this I mean, if the pic is of a d-ck that I have already interacted with and enjoyed, then yes, it is nice to get a little surprise reminder throughout my day. But if I have never seen it face to face, then no, it’s corny and never sexy or cute. Only wack men think it’s intriguing. Even if I do like you and we’ve been dating for a while, it’s a complete turn off.” – Female, 27

AESTHETICS ARE IMPORTANT: “It’s tough to get good lighting, though.” – Male, 24

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME: “I think sending d-ck pics are a complete waste of time and setup for failure. Learn from the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna debacle amongst MANY other examples of petty and foul play. Thou shalt not send nudes.” – Male, 29

UNSOLICITED DICK PICS ARE WEIRD: “Picture this: You and a woman you like are chatting casually in a coffee shop. She’s smiling at you, and you think she likes you. So you show her your d-ck. See how weird that is? If you wouldn’t whip out your d-ck in real life, don’t do it over texting. The only time it’s ok to send a d-ck pic is when she says “Can I see your d-ck?” Unsolicited it’s just gross and borderline harassment,” @MetMet_ wrote on Reddit.

THIS BETTER BE WORTH IT: “It depends on the d-ck.” – Female, 24

UP FOR GRABS: “Don’t do it, dawg. That’s the fastest way to end up in a group chat.” – Male, 22

MAKE IT GOOD: “D-ck pics are appreciated when they’re well done. Do not send me a d-ck pic if your d-ck is ashy, unkept or too small to be documented. I also do not want unsolicited d-ck pics. But they are appreciated and will be shared with my girls. Thanks.” – Female, 20

SOME PERSONAL SPACE, PLEASE: “I feel the same way about d-ick pics that I feel about being on an empty train car and someone decides that they want to share the same intimate space as me, when there is nothing but space and opportunity for them to have their OWN space. Ungh. Get outta here. Unless they are extremely cute. Then I might be like Heyyyyy on the inside, but through on the outside. LMAO!” Male, 28

ABSOLUTELY NOT: “I don’t like d-ck pic photos. The male body is just not as aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as the female body. The female body is art, the male body is for function.” – Female, 30

OKAY… I GUESS: “If you send me one I’m like…. ‘okay.'” – Male, 25

SET THE STAGE: “D-ck pictures are an awesome way to impress, flirt and arouse your mate—but only if they are sent under the right context. Do you have a vibe that’s leaning towards sex or is everything still PG? The best way to avoid offending your recipient is to wait until after you’ve already built a vibe via sexting.” – Female, 30-something

NO SURPRISES, PLEASE: “Don’t send me no unsolicited d-ck pic photo. If we’re not dating seriously, it’s just to show my friends and to discuss how it looks.” – Female, 28

LOTION IT UP: “Make sure your shit isn’t ashy, dawg. you want your girl to say ‘Come over immediately’ after you send one.” Male, 35

CONSENT IS KEY: “The thing about d-ck pics is that it needs to be consensual. The recipient of the d-ck pic actually needs to be interested in it for their personal pleasure.” Female, 26

FOLLOW THESE RULES: “I think that sending d-ck pics is something you do with a girl you already had sex with or a shawty you know you’re going to get for sure. You can’t be out here sending your ‘beef’ to all the girls in your phone contacts. You can only send them via text message—sending d-ck pics on social media is super suspect and ladies should be weary of any dudes showing his “beef” on the internet purposely.  Furthermore, in my experience I’ve received mostly compliments from companions after sending my d-ck pics over, but one or two sent a text shortly after asking ‘Why would you do such a thing?’ and ‘TMI.'” – Male, 26

NOT HERE, NOR THERE: “Nope! Not from strangers, not from acquaintances. I would not like d-ck pics here, nor there. I would not like them anywhere. No hard cocks, or underwear, no flaccid cocks, or pubic hair. Unless it’s my SO, or maybe a really good guy friend, but even that’s a stretch,” @JamaisVue hilariously wrote on Reddit.

BE READY: “You can’t just be sending me your d-ck all willy nilly. Unless I requested the photo, I’ll definitely be showing my friends what you have to offer.” – Female, 19

NO, DAWG: “Dudes actually send those?” Male, 21

BE AROUSED: “At the very least, make sure it’s hard.” Female, 26

NOT A GREAT IDEA: “One girl said ‘she didn’t feel a connection with me” right after I sent her a dick pic. It was weird.” Male, 20

DO IT: “What else are we supposed to send you?” Male, 30

The verdict is: unless specifically requested, your dick pic is a complete waste of time.

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