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Jim Jones

Source: Bernard Beanz Smalls / Bernard Beanz Smalls,

In a clip that appears to be from his impending documentary, Max B talks about the longstanding beef between himself and Jim Jones. The rapper said that as grown folks, they probably would’ve handled things differently as their issues were mostly a matter of “egos clashing.”

“I think two egos was just coming together, two big personalities,” he said in the clip. “I wasn’t there for that — I was just happy to be involved, just in the game. I’m never tryna come take nobody’s sh*t. I’m in my own world, b, I’m an existentialist. I like to do my own sh*t… it was just egos clashing, a lack of respect, a lack of everything. That sh*t don’t mix well and next thing you know, sh*t we beefing.”

Biggavelli went on to say that his mind is on setting the right example for his kids and all the people looking up to him.

“It should’ve went a different way. I think, today, we would’ve handled this situation different but we was young, we was all crazy, and now we here. We older, we got kids, people looking at us and we gotta set the right example.”

Check out the quick clip above. Max B is scheduled to be released sometime next year.