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ABC's 'The Bachelorette' - Season 13

Source: Thomas Lekdorf / Getty

During Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette, we’ve met some interesting characters. No one can ever forget DeMario Jackson’s major cheating fail, and the guy constantly screaming, “Whaboom!” But last night, we met the true MVP of the season: Aunt Verna.

Hometown dates took over, as Lindsay flew from lush and green Madison, Wisconsin, to the basketball courts of Baltimore to meet the families of the remaining men who still had a potential shot at marrying her. Eric Bigger, the Baltimore native and last Black contestant standing, gave Rachel a tour of the city that raised him, before introducing her to his warm family. Aunt Verna stole the show, during a candid conversation with Lindsay about the pressures she felt about being the first Black Bachelorette, especially when it came to the race of her final choice. Completely at ease, Lindsay shared that she felt like she was being judged for her choices. She also confessed she would have to put aside the pressure and follow her heart.

Aunt Verna, in full support of Lindsay, with her own nephew’s son on the line, took to Twitter to express her views. Turns out, Verna Myers knows exactly what she’s talking about.

The activist and author has made it her life’s mission to fight for diversity and inclusion. She’s a Harvard University trained lawyer, and hosted a TED Talk in 2016 on how to overcome biases.

Talk about a force. Her nephew is still in the running to win over Lindsay. But after last night, the winner is Verna Myers. Uncontested.