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As to be expected, some people are not respecting the recommendation that we socially distance ourselves in order to stop the rapid spread of Coronavirus. Over in Italy, the entire country is under a strict lockdown, but one man couldn’t help himself. He just had to — wait for it — get a game of Pokemon GO in.

“With some exceptions, people in Italy are not supposed to leave their homes, and those that break this rule have been charged by police. This includes a 31-year-old man who recently left his home to stroll the streets of San Fermo to play the popular mobile augmented reality game Pokemon GO,” Feedly states, adding “The 31-year-old man was playing Pokemon GO with his daughter when he was caught by police.”

We get the need for some fresh air, but this is a worldwide emergency. According to the site, who referenced Italian publication Leggo, when asked why he was outside the man responded “I have to hunt the Pokemon.” Apparently, residents are allowed out for food, medicine, and the like but hunting Pokemon is an absolute no can do.

“Police determined that this was not a good enough reason for him to break Italy’s coronavirus lockdown rules, and so he was charged, joining 43,000 others who have been charged in Italy since the lockdown started on March 9,” the site goes on to say, adding that the deadly pandemic has had “a profound impact” on Pokemon GO Safari Zone events.

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