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Meek Mill‘s new album Wins & Losses dropped on Friday, July 21 and fans are calling it his most personal body of work yet.

The rapper was open about things that we’ve never heard him publicly address before, including his tumultuous relationship with Nicki Minaj. Meek said in a statement, “Wins & Losses is my new album and I’m just breaking down the wins & losses of my life.”

On the track “1942 Flows,” Meek raps, “N*ggas taking shots, can’t stop me, they ain’t real enough / Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her / Try to crucify me like I’m Jesus the way she cross me.” Things got real on the third verse of the track, in which he rhymes, “Bloggers in the frenzy, truck to the Bentley / Ain’t doing no interviews, I’m busy, n*gga we litty / So when you see me out don’t ask me about no Nicki / F*** I look like, telling my business on Wendy.”

On another track, entitled “Never Lose,” Meek seems to reference Nicki’s Remy Ma diss track, “No Frauds” and her Kanye West collaboration “Monster.”  He says, “Soon as I win, they all clapped and applaud / I seen my dawgs turned their backs, it was slow / I seen that b*tch turn her back like a fraud / You turn your back, you can’t come back no more / Shown the real monster, just cuttin’ them off / Just when they thought, they was laughing at me / I was just sittin’ back laughin’ at y’all / From battlin’ with Reed to rapping with Ross / To packing famous b*tches at the awards / Rags to riches on the tag of the car.”

It’s seems like ever since Jay-Z clowned rappers for holding money to their ear on the ‘gram, emcees like Meek have decided to take the more mature approach to the rap game and put all of their energy into the music. Check out Meek Mill’s third album Wins & Losses on Apple Music to catch all the hot tea.

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