Cassius Life Featured Video


ay-Z‘s 4:44 continues to push conversations about race, money and legacy two weeks after the album first dropped.

Thanks to the slow drip of visuals to accompany the tracks, each week brings deeper insight (and new think pieces) about Hov’s autobiographical opus. The new short film for “Kill Jay-Z,” which dropped at precisely 4:44pm EST Friday, July 21 on TIDAL (never accuse Jay of not staying on brand), continues the icon’s mission of pairing his lyrics with visuals that force us to confront some of the toughest issues facing Black America today.

The clip, for which he teamed up with directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, is significantly shorter than the previous visuals he’s released. It features a young boy in a “Stay Black” t-shirt running like his life depends on it. From what, is up for interpretation.

If you’re a real fan, you’ll be heading over to Tidal to re-watch all the videos from 4:44, which went platinum in one week, to look for clues connecting them into a larger narrative. Because you know Jay’s trying to give us a billion dollars’ worth of life advice and commentary for $14.99 (a month).

Another one to leave you speechless. Watch “Kill Jay-Z” above.