oday is Ayesha Curry‘s 32nd birthday and we have zero intention of letting it go by without showing her some love. Mother of three, wife, celebrity cook, cookbook author, and television personality, Ayesha juggles many, many hats and prides herself on being able to do so with grace. Curry is careful with how she manages her public image (as revealed in a controversial tweet she published a few years ago, regarding people “barely wearing clothes”). At the time, Curry said she instead opts to “keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”

‘Tis true, we’ll probably never see Ayesha in any provocative outfits, but in the past year or so, she’s definitely been showing a little more skin than usual. So, it appears Stephen Curry‘s good girl can get a little spicy if the occasion calls for it. Just after Valentine’s Day last year, Steph posted a photo of himself and his wife that went viral. You know the one — Ayesha’s in a bikini, straddling her husband and licking his forehead. “Vacation vibes with my one and only 😍 like dat!,” the Golden State Warriors point guard captioned the pic.

It wasn’t the first time his lady showed off her assets. Get into more pics below and join us in wishing her a happy, happy birthday!

1. Like Dat.

2. Ok, miniskirt.

3. OK, body!

4. Peak-a-boo…

5. Thighs, leg… we love to see it.

6. All the things.

7. Knees of steel like Meg Thee Stallion.

8. A whole vibe.

9. Goddess on the beach.

10. And last but not least, we know you seeee it!  Enjoy your day, queen.