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If you—or your girl—had a chance to catch the mega hit that is Girls Trip this weekend—it raked in more than $30 million and captured the No. 2 spot—you know “grape fruiting” stole two scenes in the flick (thanks toTiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett-Smith).

For those of you who still don’t know what the heck it is, the grapefruit technique is a special kind of blow job popularized by sex expert (and CASSIUS expert) Auntie Angel aka The Grapefruit Lady. When done properly, “grape fruiting” guarantees a super sized nut. Unfortunately, too many folks are hyped about doing the move, but aren’t taking the time to figure out how to do it properly (like Pinkett-Smith’s character, Lisa). “You have to watch the entire segment,” Auntie Angel tells CASSIUS. “It’s not just about entertainment, it’s also for educational purposes to ensure you and your partner are safe and enjoying the moment. You can’t cheat and get it right.”

CliffNotes be damned. Read on and make sure the next time your partner whips out a grapefruit, the only screams are from ecstasy.

1 Use a Condom

If you’re just learning the technique or not in a monogamous relationship, you should definitely utilize protection for the safety of all parties involved. “I teach how to put on a condom with your mouth,” Angel tells CASSIUS.  “Safe sex is important.” A condom prevents the grapefruit juice from getting into the urethra and, most importantly, the spread of STDs.

2 Do an Allergy Check

Think the burning in Girls Trip was bad? Imagine a full blown allergic reaction. “Everyone can’t be grape fruited,” she says. “It can cause a severe reaction for some. Ask about allergies in advance, people tend to know if they’re allergic to something.”

3 Cut the Hole Properly

You have to do a pretty good job of size estimation to avoid the biggest mistake. “Make sure there is enough room for the penis to fit into the grapefruit without the head touching the sides. If the opening is too small, juice will get in the urethra and burn.”

4 No Pre-Gaming Blow Jobs

Never, ever, ever use a blow job to get it up for the technique. Why? “Friction from nails, teeth, or even hands can chafe the penis causing small tears that will burn as soon as you place the grapefruit on it,” she adds. The fix is simple: get it up by stimulating other parts of the body with kisses and licks.

5 Take Time to Warm Things Up

The grapefruit technique is a guaranteed miss if the fruit is cold or room temperature. “The grapefruit feels amazing because it’s the same texture and temperature as a mouth or vagina,” she says. “Make sure you warm it up beforehand, but also make sure it’s not too hot.”