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Beyonce and Jay Z go to dinner at La Esquina in NYC

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A new report claims Jay-Z has no intention of making his 13th solo studio album available to Spotify users—and the move could allegedly cost the rapper a grip.

Billboard reports that by denying the digital music service access to 4:44, Jay is potentially passing on nearly one million dollars every week.

But really, what’s 1M to Hov?

Billboard’s industry insiders claim Bey’s hubby is likely missing out on “weekly payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars — potentially close to $1 million a week” as a result of not making 4:44 available via Spotify. However, a second guestimate places Jay’s hypothetical Spotify earnings closer to a quarter of a million dollars per week—either way, it’s a ton of money to turn down.

As far as why the business mogul is snubbing Spotify specifically, Billboard says Jay-Z “isn’t talking about his reasons for the Spotify rebuff. But those familiar with the artist’s thinking said the move reflects Jay-Z’s grievance with Spotify over what he perceives as its role in devaluing music by giving free users the ability to play any album or artist catalog on shuffle.”

The good news is 4:44 is available on TIDAL, Apple Music and Amazon Music. If you haven’t heard his masterpiece just yet, go cop that.