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Bernice Burgos doesn’t do a lot of interviews, but she made sure to stop by Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club to address all the tea surrounding her name.

Besides plastic surgery rumors and the fact that she had her first child at just 15 years old, one topic that was discussed was Burgos allegedly coming between T.I. and his wife, Tiny Harris. The model insisted she was introduced to Tip for business purposes only and came for Angela Yee in the midst of defending herself, quickly flipping the script and accusing Yee of talking down on video vixens.

Burgos said in a moment of frustration, “Stop with this ‘video vixen’ sh*t.” She referenced the Breakfast Club’s recent interview with La La Anthony, in which the Power star talked about her upcoming show Goal Diggers that features Burgos.

Burgos said to Yee, “The other day, La La was here or whatever and I heard the interview. You was saying, ‘Do you speak to the bartenders and video vixens,’ even though you was trying to say my name. But it’s like, you know me.” Unfortunately the former bartender had all the wrong facts and Twitter came to Angela Yee’s defense with the receipts:

Yikes! Check out the rest of the tea Bernice Burgos spilled about herself in the video above.