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When you show up in crazy printed pants to golf tournaments like Maurice Allen, you have no choice but to show out.

Allen is a Pine Hills, Fla. native and golf player who just destroyed the competition to come out on top and win the Mile High Showdown. He celebrated by channeling Ric Flair, the flashy, outspoken wrestler who dominated the ring in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

“You’re talking to the Rolex wearin,’ diamond ring wearin,’ kiss stealin,’ wheelin’ dealin,’ limousine ridin,’ jet flyin’ son of a gun. And I’m having a hard time holding these alligators down!” Allen yelled into the mic.

And to top it off, he gave his best “Woo!”

This victory meant a lot to Allen because it was his first televised World Long Drive Association win.

With Allen turning the game on its head and making golf exciting again, here are a few fast facts about the up-and-coming Black golfer:


He’s a long driver.  Long driving is similar to golf, but the goal is to just hit the ball as far as possible. The average long driver can hit a ball as far as 300 yards. The most notable golfer who participates in the long drive competition is Bubba Watson, but Allen is quickly making a name for himself.

2He used to live in his car because of his decision to not compete in golf tournaments and just long drive competitions, making him an anomaly.

“This win means everything,” Allen said when he won his latest competition. “There are a lot of people who believed in me… all these people gave me an opportunity. And for a guy who was sleeping in his car five years ago because he wanted to be a Long Driver, it [doesn’t] get any sweeter than this.”

3The Florida native went to Florida A&M University, or FAMU, and graduated in 2010 with a degree in biology. It wasn’t until he moved to Atlanta after graduating to become a chiropractor that he suddenly took up golf.

4 Allen isn’t just a top-notch golfer with a larger-than-life personality, he’s also got an endorsement with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. In 2013, the organization appointed Maurice “Ambassador of Golf.” Allen is also part of the PGA’s Golf 2.0 program, which aims to help kids get interested in golf and diversify it.


Since taking up golf in ATL, and practicing his ass off, Allen smashed the Guinness World Record for driver ball speed. His shot was clocked at 211 mph, shattering the previous record of 204 mph that was set by Jason Zuback back in 2007.