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A year ago Devon Fowler knocked it out of the park with a gift for his son Braheim, and now his son used that gift to hit a home run.

In July 2016, Braheim thought his dad forgot his birthday until he opened his dad’s trunk and was asked to grab a box for him. After opening the mysterious box he immediately broke down. It turns out Braheim, who was rocking his entire baseball uniform at the time, got a brand new bat for his birthday.

Fast forward to July 17, 2017, and the story gets even more heartfelt. That bright green bat from dad launched a home run deep into centerfield. Not only was the older Fowler around to catch the play on camera, but he caught the ball as it made its way into the stands.

The proud father cheered Braheim on as he made his way around the bases.

With the amount of power behind that slam, this might not be the last time we hear about Braheim.