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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is stuck home and binging shows on their favorites streaming services.

And the past week or so, everyone has been obsessed with Netflix‘s Tiger King. The eight-part documentary takes a look at the life of Joe Exotic, a former zoo operator who’s love for big cats led him down a wild life path and a subsequent jail sentence. While we won’t ruin anything, you should definitely move Tiger King ahead of everything else in your queue before Twitter ruins the mystery that is Carole Baskins.

But amid Mr. Exotic’s now-defunct zoo was a bunch of celebrity visitors who made cameos in the documentary– one of which was legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. But with the series being filled with questionable work practices, animal rights issues, sex, and murder– Big Desiel doesn’t want anyone to think he has much of a relationship with Joe Exotic so he felt the need to speak on it.

“I was just a visitor. I met this guy. Not my friend. Don’t know him. Never had any business dealings with him, and I had no idea any of that stuff was going on,” he said on the latest episode of his “The Big Podcast With Shaq,” podcast. “People that know me know that I’m righteous. I don’t harm tigers. I love tigers. We found out that he’s involved with all the stuff, and then, actually, I stopped going.”

With eight parts to the documentary, each lasts around 45 minutes and every part is more bizarre and interesting than the last. Even Shaq went on to say he enjoyed it like everyone else and just wants people to stop associating him with Joe Exotic.