The Beef Between Flavor Flav & Chuck D Was A Hoax To Promote New Music

Source: Christian JENTZ / Getty

The Hip-Hop world was thrown for a loop when it seemed that one of the most iconic rap groups in the history of the genre “fired” its legendary hype man. Now, apparently, we were all fooled.

Remember that whole snafu between Flavor Flav and Chuck D over Public Enemy performing at a Bernie Sanders rally? Well, that turned out to be a hoax that was somehow inspired by Orson Wells “The War of The Worlds” iconic radio broadcast Complex reports. Oh, and there is also a new Public Enemy Radio song called “Food As a Machine Gun,” as well as a new album Loud Is Not Enough, which they are promoting.

In a press release Chuck D broke everything down stating:

“So it’s April 1, 2020, and as we hoard food and empty store shelves, Chuck D and Flavor Flav hijack it as April ‘FlavChuck’ Day to end the HOAX with Enemy Radio’s new song, ‘FOOD AS A MACHINE GUN.’ ‘Don’t Believe The Hype’ 2020 style.”

“That’s right, this is Enemy Radio featuring Public Enemy, with more around the corner: Enemy Radio’s debut album, ‘LOUD IS NOT ENOUGH,’ is here. ‘FOOD AS A MACHINE GUN’ is the first taste, an attack on the food industrial machine that opens minds to the direct need, dependency, and necessity – yet killer – of our current lives, taking inspiration from Kristin Lawless and her book, ‘Formerly Known As Food.'”


Well they had us all fooled because they went through a bit of back forth that included a fake cease and desist letter from Flav’s lawyer that was sent back in February claiming :

“While Chuck is certainly free to express his political views as he sees fit — his voice alone does not speak for Public Enemy.” 

“Sanders claims to represent everyman not the man yet his grossly irresponsible handling of Chuck’s endorsement threatens to divide Public Enemy and, in so doing, forever silence one of our nation’s loudest and most enduring voices for social change,” the letter continued.”

Chuck D responded back in a series of Tweets claiming Flav didn’t “know the difference between Barry Sanders or Bernie Sanders,” before issuing a statement publicly firing the legendary hypeman from the group.

Well, we guess we’re happy Public Enemy is still together, but did they really need to go this route?

Photo: Christian JENTZ / Getty