Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets

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“I swear sports and music are so synonymous, Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us,” Drake rapped on the closing track of his rookie album Thank Me Later.

But the connection between rappers and athletes—especially NFL players—has always been there, whether it be the sport of rapping and its natural competitiveness, or the vibrato of players moving across the field. Athletes and musicians can connect on the shared value of the hard work it takes to rise up the ranks and, most importantly, the fame and money that comes as a consequence. That’s why the players can always be heard bumping the latest hits and dances in the locker room and your favorite rappers name drop the NFL’s top-tier talent in their bars.

Check out the hottest NFL Hip Hop references of all time:


Lil Wayne- Ain’t I

The leather guts and might I add in, it’s black on chrome like Darren McFadden

Lil Wayne- Dr. Carter

So I stopped writing/Now I’m like lightning

And you ain’t Vince Young so don’t clash with the Titan

Inspectah Deck- Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit

I slam tracks like quarterback sacks from L.T.

Ice Cube -The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit

Stop givin juice to the Raiders

Cause Al Davis, never paid us

Pusha T- Can I Live (Freestyle)

Who the fuck can stop me? Runaway freight train

Mike Vick’s redemption, big doggin’ like a great dane

J. Cole- Autograph

They try and sack me and I scramble,

Look up in the sky you’ll see exactly where I am Bo

A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario

Ayo Bo knows this

and Bo knows that

But Bo don’t know jack

’cause Bo can’t rap.

Rihanna- Wild Thoughts

Kitty, kitty, baby give that thing some rest

‘Cause you done beat it like the ’68 Jets

Lil Wayne- Ignant Shit

Shit, don’t leave me unguarded

And I’m a cheesehead, word to Vince Lombardi.

So Appalled- Cyhi The Prince

I got a seven on me, I call my ‘dro Lamar,

Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart

Lil Wayne- Banned From T.V.

Dropped my best shit like the Cowboys dropped Owens

Lil Wayne – Grew Up & Screw Up

And in the game I’m manning up like Eli


Tyler The Creator ft Kanye West -Smuckers

You can’t lynch Marshawn if Tom Brady throwin’ to me

The Art Of Storytellin’ Part 4 –DJ Drama ft.  

 I started off starvin’

Now they got me out here Brett Favre’n

Tryna see if I still got it

Ludacris- What’s your fantasy?

I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the 50 yard line

While the dirty birds kick for t’ree

Jay-Z & R. Kelly- Take You Home With Me aka Body

Mami threw it like a quarterback, I caught that like Rice

I call mami Montana, bandana

Tied her hands up – this is gangsta love

 Halftime Show- Cam’ron

If you hype I got hyper men, Spiderman

In Minnesota my Vikings sell Vicodins

I got clients connects, my alliance respect

I’m like New York football, Giants on Jets

Even Buffalo Bills, my deals up in those mills

Give ya your Quarterback like Testaverde

Joe Budden- Old School Mouse

White tee, boots yes, see ’em in a suit next

Or somethin European shirt lookin like a two X

Runnin for the ball like I’m Plaxico Burress

Big Krit- No Wheaties

The epitome of greatness face it no one plays it close

Sweetness on the beat that Walter Payton flow

On track to be the best, what you pacing fo’?

Call plays, step back, pump fake and throw

Who dat? Drew Breezin’ down the field?

The document is monumental shit, reel to reel.”

I’m A Boss- Meek Mill

Jerry Jones money nigga, you a running back

Herschel Walker, Bo Jack

Ricky Watters, better run that dope back

JAY-Z- Heart of the City 

Can I live? I told you in ’96

That I came to take this shit and I did, handle my biz

I scramble like Randall with his

Cunningham but the only thing running is numbers fam”

357- Cam’ron

“Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a big bird

And I know stealers and they not from Pittsburgh”

Queen’s Gambit -DJ Muggs vs. GZA