Disney XD's 'Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister 6' - Season Four

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We’ve seen several reiterations of Spider-Man on the big screen, but there’s still one Spiderman we’re dying to see: Miles Morales, the half Black and half Puerto Rican teen who takes over the spidey suit after Peter Parker dies.

While we’ve only seen Morales in his original comic book storyline, we’ll be given the chance to dive deeper into his story starting August 1 in his first YA novel.

Written by award-winning YA novelist author Jason Reynolds, Miles Morales: Spider-Man focuses on Miles’ troubles with a teacher that seems to have it out for him, as well as his struggle with his identity as both hero and teenager. We follow his story as a scholarship student at the prestigious Brooklyn Visions Academy, best friend to video game lover Ganke, and love-sick teen pining over the equally brilliant and beautiful Alicia.

Unlike previous comics before it, the writer explains that this story focuses more on the kid behind the mask rather than his superhero persona.

“Miles being Black and Puerto Rican changes everything, because it has to,” he explains to Mashable. “A brown face from Brooklyn who goes to a wealthy boarding school creates an extremely layered experience, and that’s without even getting into Miles’s actual personality.”

While we’re excited to cop the book and read the story in it’s entirety, Mashable acquired an audio book excerpt of the Miles Morales novel. You can listen to it below.