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'Power' Season Four Chicago Special Screening Hosted By Starz & Xfinity

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J ulio’s death scene on Power proves the hit Starz series only gets more unpredictable—and gruesome—with time. But thankfully, J.R. Ramirez’s graphic exit from one popular show is leading the actor to another one.

Ramirez is set to star in the upcoming season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica JonesEntertainment Weekly reports the actor will play a devoted single father named Oscar who recently moved into Jessica’s (Krysten Ritter) building as its new superintendent. Oscar’s son becomes infatuated with Jessica, but Oscar remains cautious as he worries about the trouble that follows “people like her.”

Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg said of Ramirez joining the Marvel team, “J.R. is an incredible addition to our cast, bringing complex and subtle emotion and humor. He exudes warmth, edge and intelligence, and blends perfectly with our tone.”

Ramirez was also previously featured in Arrow, so if you ask us, he’s drawn to characters facing danger. And we will watch him every single time.

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