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With James “Ghost” St. Patrick in prison for the first five episodes of season 4, Power made room for some unexpected moves. Ghost, a club owner by day and drug dealing murderer by night, was preoccupied—to say the least—with becoming free, leaving his family and circle of friends to deal with their enemies all on their own.

But they were far from equipped to handle his rival Kanan, a career murderer who rose from the shadows to manipulate Ghost’s oldest child. As TV’s favorite alpha male scrambled to get back home, his protégé Dre was also busy dabbling in betrayal. Dre ran point for Tommy on the surface, but on the low struggled to make payments to Kanan and keep quiet about him being alive.

Fans of the hit Starz series know Ghost is eventually released from prison, but sadly, his enemies have already had too much time to plot against his wishes. Let’s be honest, Ghost comes home to a bevy of fuck sh-t.

Let’s review all the insanity that has gone down so far in season 4.

1. Kanan and Jukebox kidnap Tariq… without the teen ever realizing it.

Dear Tariq St. Patrick, while you are just a child, you’re the son of Ghost! How could you get held for ransom, never realize it, and be tricked into lying to your family about it? You have to do better, son.

2. Federal agent Mike Sandoval plants the gun he used to kill Greg Knox in Ghost’s office.

Sandoval knows pinning the murder weapon on Ghost can seal the Truth owner’s fate. So, the FBI mole goes in for the kill. But have faith, Sandoval is going to get his eventually because no one’s that good.

3. Tommy and LaKeisha hook up. 

There’s been a mixed reaction to this on the Internet, because (as he eventually reveals), Tommy just ain’t into Keisha the way she’s into him. TV’s favorite white boy is still hung up on Holly, the ex-girlfriend he strangled to death in a fit of rage. Go figure.

4. It’s announced that Ghost is facing the death penalty. 

Damn, Ghost. Why they trying to do you like that, man? Sh-t just got real.

5. The DNA evidence against Ghost is thrown out.

If you’ll recall, Ghost is accused of murdering FBI agent Greg Knox. When an autopsy is performed on Knox’s body, Ghost’s DNA is found under his fingernails, but that’s only because Knox illegally pulled Ghost over and roughed him up prior to dying. Thank goodness, video evidence of the illegal stop was found and presented in court. ‘Cause that was some bullsh-t.

6. Tommy breaks Domingo’s legs.

Tommy is running the show now and if it wasn’t clear before, it’s clear the moment he runs over an underling’s legs with a car—for fun. Tommy is not to be played with. No, not at all.

7.Tommy stabs Bailey to death and Joe Proctor is an accomplice.

Speaking of not playing with Tommy, this was an insanely unexpected moment in season 4. Remember Homeland Security Agent Bailey, the friend to late Greg Knox who’s got Tommy on tape admitting to killing drug trafficker Lobos? He dies a brutal death when Tommy jumps up out of nowhere and stabs him to death while Proctor’s meeting with him. It was some real Michael Myers sh-t.

8. Joe Proctor gets booted from Ghost’s case. Ghost is left with Terry Silver as his only attorney.

This is one of the most unexpected moments so far. Silver seemed pretty untrustworthy and salty from the start, so this didn’t feel like a great moment for #TeamGhost.

9.The gun is thrown out of evidence.

Thank Ghost’s lucky stars. Before getting the boot, Ghost’s dirty lawyer Proctor made Agent Donovan’s handling of the gun at the crime scene look super shady, so the judge decides not to use it as evidence in the case. It wasn’t Ghost’s gun anyway! He was framed, y’all! He was framed!

10. Meanwhile, Tariq is wild’n out.

With Kanan as a “friend,” Tariq is smoking weed for the first time, drinking lean and robbing his rich friends. Tariq even lost his virginity to a girl he didn’t know at all. Wake up, Tariq! Slim is actually Kanan, your family’s worst enemy!

11. Angela finally realizes it couldn’t have been Ghost’s gun.

Angela finally reviews the security cameras at Ghost’s club, only to realize that before being arrested Ghost never went anywhere near the spot where the gun was hidden. Someone planted it there and it couldn’t have been Ghost. Finally, your girl coming to her senses! Took long enough.

12. Ghost kills Marshall Clyde Williams (played by Charlie Murphy).

The world thought it was over for Ghost when he killed the pesky Marshall that kept picking on him. Not only did everyone think he’d get caught, it foreshadowed the late Charlie Murphy’s death. May he rest in power.

13. Angela testifies.

After realizing it wasn’t Ghost’s gun, Angela tanks her own career by going on the stand to testify on Ghost’s behalf. Thank you Angela, girl, because you’ve pretty much been a pain in the ass this whole damn season.

14. The Judge dismisses Ghost’s case (without prejudice). 

Fed up with the FBI’s shady ways following Angela’s testimony, the judge lets Ghost go home to his family. Ghost is a free man! But make no mistake, sh-t is about to hit the fan.

15. Julio spots Dre talking to Kanan. 

Finally someone on Ghost and Tommy’s side knows Kanan is alive, although fans were super confused at what took #TeamGhost so long to figure it out. Kanan’s going to get his.

16. Without realizing it, Tariq is kidnapped by Jukebox AGAIN. 

Tariq thinks he’s going to meet Kanan, who’s been posing as a friend named Slim, but it’s Kanan’s cousin Jukebox who’s in the abandoned house waiting for him. Are we the only ones surprised that Tariq stayed in that empty house with Jukebox…overnight…with no issue? Ghost needs a new son.

17. Ghost asks Tasha if they can start their relationship over.

Now that he’s home and free of Angela, Ghost wants that old thing back, but Tasha basically gave him a “Boy, bye!” Ladies, would you take your man back? They’re both trifling to tell the truth.

18. Dre orchestrates Julio’s murder.

This was one of the most brutal deaths of the whole four seasons. Did you see the way they cut his Toros Locos gang tattoo off his neck? Wow. Just wow.

19. Tommy is nearly killed by the Chicago distro. 

They almost took your boy Tommy out! But of course, he wriggled his way out of that one, too. And did he really casually laugh about nearly getting his head blown off? Tommy’s losing his mind, child.

20. On his way home Tommy kills the uncle that molested Holly when she was a kid. 

Another crazy moment this season. Tommy avenges his ex-girlfriend, whom he murdered, by murdering the nasty, old uncle that molested her as a child. Tommy is on his sh-t, for real.

21. Meanwhile, Kanan emerges from the shadows to extort Ghost for money he doesn’t have. Ghost robs Tommy’s crew to get the cash.

Damn, Kanan wasted no time! Do you think Tommy and Ghost will beef after Ghost sunk so low to get the money Kanan demanded? One thing’s for sure, this isn’t good—but, Tommy might understand since Ghost did it to get Tariq back from Jukebox.

22. Kanan helps Ghost rescue Tariq.

Who expected Kanan to kill his own gotdamn cousin to get Ghost’s son back? Woah! Sayonara, Jukebox! You were kind of annoying anyway. Let’s just hope Tariq has finally learned a life lesson.

23. Tariq doesn’t snitch on Dre.

When Tommy finds out that Kanan is alive and kidnapped Tariq while he was away, he asks Tariq how much Dre knew in regard to Kanan’s reappearance. Of course Dre knew the entire time, but Tariq holds it down, so he lives to see another day.

24. Raina overhears Ghost and Tasha’s conversation about Kanan.

Raina’s eavesdropping while Tasha reminds Ghost she wanted Kanan dead a decade ago. Are we the only ones wondering whether or not Tasha’s got some secrets she doesn’t want brought to light?

25. Angela and Donovan finally suspect Sandoval as the mole and person who framed Ghost.

Finally! Why’d it take so long for them to review all of the club Truth footage?

26. Tasha sleeps with Ghost’s lawyer, Silver.

She better not let Ghost find out or Silver’s…a goner.

27. Teresi tells Tommy he’s his father.

Where is Maury when you need him? Tommy, is that your daddy or not?!

28. Mak lets Proctor know he knows something’s fishy about Bailey’s disappearance.

Proctor you better pull it together…something tells us you don’t want to be the reason Tommy goes down for murder.

29. Jamie pops up at Silver’s house and unknowingly finds Tasha’s earring.

It’s only a matter of time until you get caught now, Tasha girl.

30. Dre meets with the Jimenez and promises to deliver Tommy’s organization. 

Dre thinks he can take on Tommy and get away with it—only time will tell.

31. Sandoval admits to being the FBI mole while Angela is recording the partial confession for the FBI. Sandoval is killed in jail.

Damn, Tommy and Ghost wasted no time at all!

32. Tommy finds out Teresi is his father.

We knew it!

33. After telling Ghost he destroyed the evidence, Proctor hides Tommy’s Lobos confession in a locker.

Somehow, we knew better than to trust that rat. 


34. Tasha says she’s leaving Ghost for good.

When, Tasha girl? When pigs fly?

35. Dre successfully undermines Tommy.

Somehow, we don’t think he’s going to get away with stealing Tommy’s whole team right from under him. Good luck with that, Dre!

36. Angela is the new Head of Criminal.

Ang is like a cat with nine lives, amirite?

37. Councilman Tate is dirty.

Instinct told us Tate wasn’t clean as a whistle, but why did he have to wrap Jamie up in his apparent d-boy debt?

38. Raina is murdered. 

Rest in peace, Raina. It’s been real.

39. Tariq lies about knowing Raina’s killer.

Damn, Riq, now you got your pops blaming himself, the Jimenez, and the Toros Locos.

40. The Toros Locos snitch on Dre.

Ghost is out for blood,but he’s getting a lot more than he bargained for.

41. Silver tells Tasha he loves her.

Aw shit, now! But this ain’t the time or place, Casanova.

42. While asking Angie for help, Tasha calls Jamie by his hood moniker “Ghost.”

Real Power fans know how important this moment was. Wow!!

43. Tariq kills Ray Ray.

Oh shit…we guess Tariq is his father’s son after all.

44. Maria Suarez, an old witness that Jamie let live, comes back to ID him as Ghost.

Can the man live his life? Gotdamn…very ungrateful, Maria.

45. Tariq tells Tommy and Jamie it was Dre who gave him Ray Ray’s location.

Dre’s a goner. It’s only a matter of time.

46. Tasha teaches Tariq how to get rid of the evidence. 

We’re not really sure what to say about her mothering, but Tasha did what she needed to do to save her son from a lifetime in jail and maybe even the death penalty.

47. Tasha takes the blame for Ray Ray’s death and hires lover boy Silver as her lawyer.

Damn, T.

48. Best surprise of ’em all: Kanan, Ghost, and Tommy are back together.

Oh shit! Ain’t this what we’ve been waiting for?!

Until next time…

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