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Gucci Mane will likely go down in history as one of the most resilient rappers to ever grab a mic. In fact, Gucci’s story is so inspiring, we can all learn a lesson or two from him. 

The East Atlanta superstar has not had an easy life by any means. He most recently served three years in prison for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, a notch on a floor-length rap sheet that could’ve easily forced his career to a complete stop. Not only did a troubled Guwop (who’d previously been committed to a psychiatric hospital) continue to make music from behind bars, he completely turned his life around. Fans were introduced to a slimmer, healthier and more motivated Gucci once he was released on May 26, 2016.

La Flare hit the ground running with a purpose, and hip hop fans rallied around the rapper in support of his climb to the top. One year after coming home, the East Atlanta Santa is in a good place. He proposed to his girlfriend and has a BET wedding special scheduled to air on October 17, plus he maintains a commitment to serve his community and enjoy life. It’s a true testament to his strength and character.

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How did he do it? How did he turn his life around to become the fit, happy and healthy man he is today?

Every so often, Gucci finds it in his heart to tweet some words of wisdom and you should take heed. Check out 10 Gucci-isms below.

1. Tighten your circle. 

2. Focus on the light on the other side of the tunnel.

3. Have faith in yourself, first. 

4. Declare it. Speak it. Own it.

5.Money isn’t everything.

6.Don’t let flashing lights and fake love seduce you.

7. Know that no matter where you come from, there is something special in you.

8. Appreciate those who do. Never mind those who don’t.

9. Time is everything. Use yours wisely. 

10. Give back.

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