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Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Teams Up With Pineapple Express To Deliver Weed

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In the film Friday, when Craig and Smokey heard that infamous bike bell ring, they knew it was time to hide all of their possessions cause Deebo was coming. Now thanks to a cool promotion, if you see Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister rolling down your block on a bicycle, he’s baring high-grade treats.

The actor is teaming up with Los Angeles medical, and recreational marijuana delivery company, Pineapple Express (great movie by the way) to help deliver weed orders to lucky stoners. The promotion is part of a contest the company is holding this month that selects 4 winners every Friday who will get a special delivery from Deebo himself.

The winners will receive their gas at exactly 4:20 pm (very brilliant), a number that holds a special place in the hearts of potheads around the world.

In the city of LA, weed dispensaries have been declared an essential service and understandably so because we are some very stressful times thanks to the coronavirus global pandemic. If you’re worried about Tiny’s health and safety during this promotion, Pineapple Express says don’t worry because Deebo is taking every extra precaution to make sure he stays safe and, most importantly, rona free.

Every little bit helps keep the spirits of people lifted right now. Salute to Deebo and Pineapple Express for the brilliant contest. If you live in Los Angeles and you want to sign up, you can head here.

Good Luck!

Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

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