Cassius Life Featured Video

In a world where stories of violence targeting Black communities travel across TV, laptop and phone screens almost every second, there are moments when Black people need to relish in the incredible glow and offerings coming from artists who are young, Black, and gifted.

Dancer and model Renaldo Maurice serves greatness in his most recent choreography videos. You might smile. You might gawk. But you will certainly feel the joy.

His project titled “The Freedom in Movement & Fashion” was filmed in Cologne, Germany and posted to his personal Instagram page Wednesday morning. He collaborated with Danica Paulos, another dancer to create the inspiring video.

“I just wanted to show my love for dance and fashion,” Maurice told CASSIUS. “There is freedom of expression in both. I am the Black man and artist I am today because of dance and fashion. I just want to inspire people, encourage others to smile and express themselves.”

Maurice projects an energy one can feel, an energy that invigorates anyone who will take a few minutes to bear witness. His effortless display of aesthetic and athletic expression, and his dope ass style aesthetic, will inspire.

Catch some joy and check out his videos below.