While dogs have historically been considered man’s best friend, a certain 5-year-old boy from Philadelphia prefers cats. According to ABC News, Shon Griffin has been connecting with cats (in super hero costumes) since he was three years old, earning him the adorable nickname ‘Catman’ by his aunt Kris Papiernik. She and her fiancee, Kia Griffin, […]

On August 1, 370 boys walked into the BEST Academy of Atlanta to begin their first day school. What they weren’t expecting was the warm welcome they received upon their arrival. Grades 6 through 12 were greeted with loud cheers, handshakes, high-fives, hugs, and encouraging words from over 70 men. The inspirational welcome came in partnership […]

In a world where stories of violence targeting Black communities travel across TV, laptop and phone screens almost every second, there are moments when Black people need to relish in the incredible glow and offerings coming from artists who are young, Black, and gifted. Dancer and model Renaldo Maurice serves greatness in his most recent choreography […]

The Well

"The child had exceeded his previous adapted abilities."