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You’ve been kicking it for a few weeks with shorty and things have been going well..but you’ve been holding on to a secret that you know can potentially hurt your new union. Now what?  There are ways to break embarrassing or potentially hurtful information to your loved (or liked one) without things going all the way left. Ready to lay your cards on the table? If the news is big or small, you’ll feel a lot better once the issue is on the table. Here’s how.


Say it with your chest

The best way to deliver a message is to be direct. Designate a place and time to have the chat—think of a space that offers some privacy. Be bold and meet with your partner face-to-face to break the news. Take a deep breath, gather your words, be authentic and considerate.


Screen Savior

Skype and FaceTime are tools you can use to give the face-to-face intimacy a meaty conversation may require while still creating distance… and giving you a clear out when you’re ready to wrap things up. Why on-screen? Your eyes can convey messages your lips may not say. Schedule a time to speak to your partner that will give them space and privacy to digest what you have to say. Catching them off guard in public or with friends could make the news harder to accept.


Ask a Friend

Friends are there when you need them most. When it comes to revealing information to someone you’re feeling, your ace can help you do a practice run of the things you should—and absolutely shouldn’t—say. Since your buddy knows you best, ask him or her to give you absolutely honest feedback.


Shoot a text

While messaging is typically the least desired method for breaking big news, it does have its perks. Sending a text allows you to list the things you want to say in detail, and gives you the space to be honest without responding to your partner’s facial expressions or comments—well, at least at first. You can use emojis to punctuate how you’re feeling. Texting works best when you think about the timing. For example, you don’t want to send a heavy message in the middle of the day while your significant other may be at work, or when you know the person is out with friends. Be strategic.


Slide in the DM

This is only an option if the confession is light (note: no side baby or STD status updates). Social media can buffer  awkward but not life changing news because you can use videos, gifs and memes via DM to assist you with what you need to say. Inserting a little humor can go a long way.