In the latest episode of "Listen to Black Men", the crew and Papoose dive deep into Black love and marriage and the Black family. Papoose also opens up about what it was like to consistently be a bedrock of support for his wife, Remy Ma as she underwent her struggles including a prison sentence.

A new profile takes a look at Black men and their perspectives on love, dating and how their thought processes helped them find their partners. The article talks about how each man met their spouse in detail and what convinced them to settle down.

How does Lori's famous stepdad feel about her latest relationship? Head inside to find out.

The 'Over It' singer hit social media with a statement many fans feel is aimed at her on-again, off-again boo.


Ghosting has—sadly— become a norm in today's dating culture.

Talking finances is actually one of the most important things to discuss with bae.