BMX superstar Nigel Sylvester has always done things his own way.

While his friends back in Jamaica, Queens played basketball and football, Sylvester found his passion on a bicycle. When his Grenadian-born parents wanted him to pursue a traditional career, he saw BMX riding as his proper calling. And while most riders in his sport use pro-am competitions to secure supporters and endorsements, Sylvester etched his path as a pro rider by shooting the trick videos that landed him deals with Nike, Beats By Dre, New Era and more.

Sylvester’s GO content series is another example of the young rider doing something few have done before. The series stars Sylvester as he explores the world’s brightest cities from his perspective, using two wheels to get around instead of his own two feet. With previous stops in New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, the latest episode features Sylvester on his biggest adventure yet: exploring the streets of Dubai.

Viewers join him on a wild ride that showcases everything the Middle Eastern paradise has to offer, and Sylvester enjoyed every second of it. “The most exciting part of shooting the episode was sky-diving for the first time, and doing it with my bike,” Sylvester said in a CASSIUS exclusive. “I think the most challenging part was getting my bike fixed when it got destroyed shooting the ATV scene in the desert.” A well-timed FaceTime call at the end of the episode makes us excited for where Nigel Sylvester will GO next.