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Pews in Ebenezer Baptist Church

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Back in the day, interrupting church service only got you a slap on the hand from grandma — but these days, it’s a criminal charge, especially if you are playing some hardcore rap music.

According to the Brampton Guardian, a Canadian teen now faces three criminal charges after blasting  XXXTentacion’s music during a church service  in Brampton, Ontario. Authorities say during mass service on August 9, at St. Eugene Mazenod Church, a 16 year old walked up to the altar and held his cellphone to the microphone, playing X’s profanity-laced track “Look at Me!” through the church’s sound system. Reports say that the congregation was terrified. One member even said he considered the act a “religious hate crime.” The opening lines of the song are, “Ayy, I’m like’Bitch, who is your mans?’ / Ayy, can’t keep my dick in my pants / Ayy, my bitch don’t love me no mo’ / Ayy, she kick me out, I’m like vro.”

Well, damn. If he wanted to expose the church folks to some hip hop, he could’ve went with the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

After shocking the congregation, the teen was apprehended by three church members and was held until authorities arrived. Parishioner Peter Maka told reporters, “This event is unprecedented and has shook our community.” Shook? Okay…

The unidentified teen  is now facing charges of mischief to religious property, disturbing a religious service, and breach of recognizance. Well, we’ll keep those “shook” church members  in a prayer.

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