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Vic Mensa talked politics with Larry King on Wednesday and had some strong thoughts about former president Barack Obama.

When asked if Obama represented him well, the Chicago rapper gave his straight opinion.

“I don’t really believe so,” he said. “I live five, six blocks away from Barack Obama’s home. So I watched my neighborhood not improve and my city not improve and my community not improve, maybe get worse in the time that Obama was in office. And I recognize that he’s the President of the United States, but I don’t think that Obama’s agenda was very often  to represent the people and do well by the people. I feel like he was often times very careful with what he said regarding race.”

Mensa, who has never been one to shy away from politics, also had choice words for the current 45. Mensa addressed Donald Trump’s position in the White House saying, “I think he’s as expected.” He continued, “I would say that he’s clearly in office for his personal gain and for his financial gain, and we don’t know the full game yet, but there’s a lot of nepotism going on.” Mensa says he’s now coming to terms with the thought that “nobody” is representing “me or my people.” He believes a win won’t take place on the political stage.

But Vic should do some fact-checking. Obama did many things for the Black community, such as championing criminal justice reform and being the first sitting President to visit a federal prison. Obama also signed into law the Fair Sentencing Act in 2010, “which narrowed the penalty between crack and powder cocaine from 1:100 to 1:18.” While Obama was in office, the Department of Justice investigated police departments in several cities, including Ferguson, Cleveland and Philadelphia. He started the My Brother’s Keeper  initiative, which specifically helped young, Black men. Under Obama, high school dropouts and teen pregnancies were at a historic low.

Obama did not solve all of the problems in the Black community, but he did more than any other President in history — especially our current one, Lord knows.

You can check out a clip of his interview with Larry King below.

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