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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, some of the by-products of isolation has been an increase in drug abuse, suicide, and domestic abuse.

And recently, it was thought that NBA player Darius Morris had been involved in the later after a woman claimed that he brutally attacked her on April 18. The woman told NYPD officers that the 29-year-old beat her up in their Manhattan area home. The woman, 34, then told the cops that she left the house and asked Morris to be gone by the time she got back, but instead, he was still there when she returned, which is when he allegedly got violent with her.

Morris then “grabbed her by her hair and dragged her, punching and kicking her in the head repeatedly,” the officers were told. Cops say the alleged attack left her with “bruising and swelling on her eyes, forehead, and ear … and also suffered a chipped tooth and bruises on her arms and back.”

Then just days later, after Morris was arrested for assault, he was retaken into custody on April 30 for violating the order of protection.

But after an about-face, the woman is completely changing her story. She contacted TMZ to say it was all a lie. “It’s private, none of it’s true,” were her exact words as she also vowed to drop the charges.

The 29-year-old basketball player was picked by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the 2011 draft with the 41st pick after being a standout at the University of Michigan. With some stints in the G League, he hopped around the NBA for 4 years before last playing for the Brooklyn Nets during the 2014-15 season. Since then, he’s played overseas in China, Russia, and currently plays for French basketball club BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque.